Questions to ask your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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When you meet with one of our SC workers comp lawyers, we want you to feel assured that you are getting the high-quality legal representation you need and deserve. We welcome all of your questions and concerns so that we can help you understand how your case will be handled and what we can do for you. To discuss your questions and concerns in a free consultation, please call McWhirter, Bellinger & Associates at (888) 353-5513.

Questions to ask about your Workers’ Comp Lawyer

At your consultation, we are eager to answer your questions about our qualifications and why you should choose us as your law team. We have extensive experience handling South Carolina workers’ compensation claims and have successfully maximized compensation for numerous clients. During your initial meeting with us, you may want to ask:

  • How many years of experience do you have handling workers’ compensation cases?
  • What will be your approach to my case?
  • How will you communicate with me throughout the duration of my case?
  • Who will be handling my case at your law firm?
  • How do you get paid? Where does your fee get deducted from?
  • Why should I choose your law firm to handle my case?

You can be sure we will fight aggressively on your behalf. We know how to determine what you are entitled to under workers’ compensation in our state, and we can determine your eligibility for coverage and develop a strategy for getting payment for your claim.

Questions to ask about your Claim

Before you decide to choose us as your lawyers, or at any point during the process of resolving your case, you may want to ask the following questions about your claim?

  • What should I do to help my case?
  • What options are available for resolving my case?
  • Do you think I can pursue compensation in a negligence claim against a third party?
  • What obstacles do you foresee in resolving my case?
  • Approximately how long will the entire process take?
  • Will future medical treatments be included in my settlement, not just current expenses for my injury?
  • If I need vocational rehabilitation, will that expense be included in my settlement?
  • What else is paid for under workers’ compensation in South Carolina?
  • What do you need from me as we complete the application process?
  • What are my options for appeal if my claim is denied?

We want to help you resolve your workers’ compensation claim as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. You deserve the benefits to which you are entitled so that you can deal with this injury and the burdens it has placed on you.

To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced SC work comp lawyers, please contact McWhirter, Bellinger & Associates or call us at (888) 353-5513.