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Zimmer Hip Implants

More than 12,000 patients in the United States have received a Zimmer hip implant to improve the quality of their lives. Zimmer hip implants have been reported to break or fracture from the inability of the implant to bond with the bone. Many patients with the Zimmer hip implant have needed hip-replacement or hip-revision surgery to replace or correct issues involving the Zimmer hip implant.

Zimmer Holding, the company that produces the Zimmer hip implant, finally halted sales of the hip implant in July of 2008. The decision to halt sales of this defective product followed the warning of a Los Angeles, California, orthopedic surgeon who noticed a high number of Zimmer hip implant failures in his patients.

Signs of Hip Replacement Problems

Unfortunately, there is no way to know if your Zimmer hip implant will break. If you have received a Zimmer hip implant, you will want to speak with your physician. It is suggested that physicians closely monitor patients with Zimmer hip implants in case the implants fracture.



Implant fractures are usually preceded by a loud popping sound accompanied with pain. Surgery is required to replace a fractured hip implant. Another major issue with the Zimmer hip implant is the migration of the implant, which will also cause great pain, but does not mean the implant has fractured or broken. Continuous pain may mean that the implant has shifted. Please see your physician if you are experiencing constant pain or discomfort.

Patients who have received hip implants will experience some pain and discomfort after hip implant surgery that will subside over time. There may be a problem with the hip implant if the pain and discomfort persists. In the event that the pain is continuous, patients are urged to contact their physicians to find out if there is anything wrong with the hip implant. There may be several things wrong with the hip implant to cause continuous pain and discomfort.

The hip implant may have become fractured or may have loosened. There are other problems that occur from hip surgery that may be causing the pain. A physician will be able to examine the hip implant and inform the patient of the problems and possible solutions.

What to Do if Your Zimmer Hip Implant Breaks

Our product liability lawyers in SC strongly suggest that your doctor preserves the defective Zimmer hip implant if you require hip-implant surgery to replace your hip implant. Preserving the defective hip implant as evidence will help you in your defective product liability case.

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