Adam Bass - I. T. Department Headshot
Adam Bass
Barbara Skarbek - Call Center Agent Headshot
Barbara Skarbek
Bonnie Wadsworth - Staff Assistant Headshot
Bonnie Wadsworth
Carla Ballentine - Accounting Department Headshot
Carla Ballentine
Chesta Bigham - Call Center Agent Headshot
Chesta Bigham
Dayne Nichols - Investigator Headshot
Dayne Nichols
Debbie Waynick - Call Center Agent Headshot
Debbie Waynick
Emmy Bickley - Administrative Assistant Headshot
Emmy Bickley
Administrative Assistant
Columbia Office
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Faye Johnson - Call Center Agent Headshot
Faye Johnson
Garland Pearson McWhirter - Attorney Headshot
Garland Pearson McWhirter
Geoff Coston - Director of Marketing & Technology Headshot
Geoff Coston
Director of Marketing & Technology
Columbia Office
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Jessica Cullinane - Accounting Department Headshot
Jessica Cullinane
Kaye Lorick - Accounting Department Headshot
Kaye Lorick
Lacey Coakley - Staff Assistant Headshot
Lacey Coakley
Lori Weaver - Staff Assistant Headshot
Lori Weaver
Melinda Sinclair - Call Center Agent Headshot
Melinda Sinclair
Patricia Watts - Medical Records Headshot
Patricia Watts
Shelli Knapp - Medical Records Headshot
Shelli Knapp
Tammy Kitchens - Director of Medical Malpractice & Mass Torts Headshot
Tammy Kitchens
Director of Medical Malpractice & Mass Torts
Lexington Office
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Tracey Montgomery - Medical Records Headshot
Tracey Montgomery
Vareer Gray - Staff Assistant Headshot
Vareer Gray