Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury, you have probably found your lives dramatically changed by the consequences. Damage to the spinal cord or any part of the spinal column has the capacity to be drastically life-altering. Our experienced personal injury attorneys in Columbia, Orangeburg, Lexington, and elsewhere in South Carolina are experienced in handling these types of cases, and they may be able to help you if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injury

Any damage to part of the spinal column, including the vertebrae, ligaments and disks, or any damage to the spinal cord itself can constitute a spinal injury. There are many different ways someone can suffer trauma that damages the backbone. In typical personal injury cases, spinal cord injuries are caused by:

If someone else’s carelessness caused the accident that injured you to occur, then you may be able to pursue compensation with a personal injury claim.

Problems associated with Spinal Cord Injury

When the spinal column or spinal cord is injured, it can interfere with the communication between your brain and the nerves in your spine. The effects of your injury depend partly on the section injured. Trauma can injure the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, or sacral spine. These sections make up the entire length of the spine from your neck down to your tailbone.

Spinal cord damage can lead to numerous physical, mental, and emotional injuries such as:

  • Paralysis
  • Loss of limb function
  • Loss of certain bodily functions
  • Loss of sensation
  • Loss of strength
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Wrongful death

The immediate emergency care, including emergency surgery and other services, are expensive. After these treatments, you are likely to need ongoing care, including medications, further surgery, and rehabilitation. You may also experience severe mental and physical pain and suffering, and be unable to work and function like you used to. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have witnessed the ways catastrophic injuries can affect life and livelihood, and we will be your aggressive advocates no matter who the opponent is.

Head, Neck, and Back Injuries

At our personal injury law firm, we have seen the horrific injuries people can suffer in traffic accidents, work accidents, and other catastrophes. If you are trying to rebuild your life after suffering a life-altering injury caused by someone else’s negligence, please call McWhirter, Bellinger & Associates, P.A.

The Nature of these Severe Injuries

Injuries to any point along the spine or to the head can cause serious damage resulting in:

  • Total or partial disability
  • Permanent or temporary disability
  • Paralysis
  • Emotional changes, including depression and anxiety
  • Personality changes
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Decreased ability to perform job duties

The head, neck, and spine are three very important areas of your body. Nerves, vertebrae, and other structures important to mental and physical function are located in the head, neck, and back.

Our injury lawyers have seen these injuries arise from auto accidents, construction accidents, defective products and medical malpractice, just to name a few examples of the types of personal injury cases we have handled. If the incident that led to your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you deserve compensation for the impact the injury has had on your life. Medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering all can be compensated if we are able to reach a favorable outcome in your case. The only way to know if you have a case is to call us to discuss the accident that caused your injury.

To find out if our personal injury attorneys in the areas of Camden, Sumter, Lexington, Newberry, Orangeburg, and Columbia can help you pursue compensation for your spinal cord injury, please contact McWhirter, Bellinger & Associates, PA, to schedule a consultation.