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Ford Added 4.5 Million Vehicles to Recall

In October of 2009 Ford Motor Company expanded it’s largest recall ever. Ford added 4.5 million vehicles equipped with faulty cruise control switches. For Ford, this is the eighth recall in the last 10 years, for a total of 16 million Ford vehicles with defective switches manufactured by Texas Instruments.
The switches can short circuit and cause under hood fires, even when the vehicle is parked and turned off. The faulty switches have been linked to approximately 500 vehicle fires nationwide, not to mention damage to homes and property. In 2003 Ford haulted installation on the switches, but the company still faces dozens of lawsuits. The lawsuits involve several claims for serious injuries or deaths of car owners and family members.
A plaintiff’s firm representing some families contend that a recall won’t solve the problem. If you own a Ford vehicle designed and built prior to 2004 it would be wise to see a Ford dealer for inspection. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, call the Law Firm of McWhirter, Bellinger & Associates, P.A. at 1-888-353-5513 for a free consultation.