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Uber Self-Driving Car Involved in an Accident

Columbia car accident lawyersUber temporarily suspended their self-driving car pilot programs over the weekend after one of the vehicles was involved in a car accident while operating in self-driving mode on Friday night. The self-driving SUV flipped onto its side during the accident. Police officers at the scene indicated that the Uber vehicle did not cause the accident. In fact, the other vehicle involved in the collision received a moving violation citation.

This afternoon, Uber resumed all of their self-driving car test programs after conducting an investigation into the incident. Currently, they are testing self-driving cars in three cities across the United States.

Autonomous vehicle technology has made tremendous strides in recent years, and it’s possible that these vehicles will represent the wave of the future in terms of driving technology. If our streets eventually become populated with a large number of self-driving vehicles, it will present new challenges in terms of assigning and proving liability in the event of a car accident.

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