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What is Considered a Fair Amount of Compensation in a Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve been seriously injured in the state of South Carolina and are seeking damages, you might be wondering what a fair amount of compensation is for your type of injury. People often ask this question, but there’s no easy answer. Every case is different, and every victim suffers different levels of financial, physical, and emotional trauma following an injury. 

It’s only natural to want a quick answer to the “fair settlement” question, but Google won’t be able to help (no matter how many times you search). There are many moving parts to a personal injury lawsuit, and many people will try to pressure you into settling for an amount that is far too low. If you want to receive fair compensation following an injury, hiring a personal injury attorney is an absolute must. 

Many people believe they can go up against the other side’s insurance company on their own, using their limited knowledge of the law – but that’s the equivalent of an amateur swimmer going against the entire US Olympic Team. The amateur will lose every single time. 

A person representing themselves in a personal injury case is working against a high-powered team of legal professionals and insurance adjusters who get paid to aggressively negotiate and offer the smallest amount of money possible. No matter how bad your injury is, they will always fight for the insurance company, leaving you with no one on your side (except yourself). 

When you hire an experienced South Carolina personal injury attorney, they will fight in your corner and do everything they can to make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. Your attorney will go head-to-head with the other side’s insurance company. They will anticipate how the other side will likely respond, allowing them to strategize appropriately and build a rock solid case which will increase your likelihood of getting a fair sum. 

It’s important to know that the financial, physical, and emotional costs resulting from your injury can continue long into the future – and possibly for the rest of your life. An experienced South Carolina personal injury attorney will factor in these estimated future costs when they build your case.

Although many people are hesitant to hire a personal injury attorney following an accident, doing so is the best way to maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation. For over four decades, the attorneys at McWhirter, Bellinger & Associates have fought for victims of auto and motorcycle accidents, work injuries, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and more. 

The lawyers at McWhirter, Bellinger & Associates are highly experienced in their field, and have a stellar track record of getting injury victims the compensation they are rightfully owed. 

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